Bella Blue – Walk All Over You

Walk All Over You

Walk All Over You

“I adore my males on the floor so that I can tower over ‘em and slide and knead my ideal feet all over them. Although I do suggest ‘em my services as a masseur and they relish the ministrations of my dexterous toes, it’s indeed all about the joy of having ‘em moaning and sighing underneath me. My much loved part of massaging my lovers? Walking all over ‘em with my stockinged peds, certainly. The feeling that I get when I use them as my floor whilst I grind them into the ground is the paramount aphrodisiac for me. I feel love I am bigger than life and that they are lowly and insignificant. I at no time hurt ‘em, but I think that being strided all over is just a tad bit demeaning and that is what makes it so nice for me. I am not averse to treating my males just a little bit love dirt.”

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Bella Blue – Mounted & Massaging

Mounted & Massaging

Mounted & Massaging

Bella Blue is the utmost masseur. This babe comes clothed to the nines in red stilettos and stockings and thongs. What that babe lacks in experience this babe makes up for in seduction. Check out as this babe slips her hands all over her customer’s body to decide all of his knots and then uses her feet to coax out all of his load.

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Candi Apple – A Lady Knows What She Wants

A Woman Knows What She Urges

A Woman Knows What That babe Wants

When it comes to pleasure, a female always knows what that babe craves and what she needs to achieve her orgasm. For Candi, pleasuring herself is no fun unless she can groan and talk dirty to her much loved paramour. He fancies her pantyhose almost as much as this guy fancies her. So, when she’s lonely, she slips on a pair this smooth operator has gifted her and masturbates in ‘em. That babe lets him know all of her wicked thoughts and lets him hear as this babe fucks herself to a shuddering orgasm. Then this babe thank’s him by making sure this woman chaser gets her cum-drenched pantyhose as a gift.

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Candi Apple – Your Call Girl

Your Call Hotty

Your Call Girl

“Being viewed while I masturbate excites me in ways u can not imagine,” says golden-haired bombshell, Candi. “I do tons of sexy things so that my paramour gets horny and pays attention to me. I’ll disrobe my sexy raiment off piece by piece. I really adore to see him squirm in his chair and then try to conceal his biggest hardon. It is a game we play. I love to see just how sexy I can acquire him without touching him. I’ve made him cum this way, too!” confessed Candi. “One of our newest sex games involves dialing a stranger’s number and then having wicked phone sex with him whilst my lover watches me. It receives me off and suddenly I am gushing my snatch juices whilst listening to a consummate stranger wack off for me. It is even better because I know how much it is gripping my spouse to hear me cum for another charmer! I know how much my paramour loves shoes, so sometimes I will slip one off and engulf on the heel while this chab watches me rub my adore button over and over and work myself into a frenzy. I love to slap my slit with the impure sole of my shoe just as I’m about to cum, likewise. The sharp sting of the shoe hitting my delicate and swollen bawdy cleft flesh makes me avid. I have squirted cum all over my hose and had it ooze down my arse crack before.”

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Mia Bella – Bathtub Foot Play

Bathtub Foot Play

Bathtub Foot Play

“I have a foot fetish,” says Mia Bella, a siren who told us that that babe loves to go and watch open houses on the real estate market so she can masturbate in the rooms when no one is around. “I think it’s perfectly ordinary to wanna smack and touch a fashionable couple of feet. But it’s disgusting if a woman does not care for her feet. I cannot be bothered to deal with feet that are dry, rough and calloused. That goes for the guys in my life too. If you have disgusting feet, then I will have nothing to do with you. It is not rock hard for a gent to care for his feet. In fact, if this chab desires to be with me and worship me, then I require every week pedicures from him. Or, this chap can take me to acquire my feet done and whilst we are there, he can have someone work on his feet, too. If this chab can not do that for me, then I of course cannot do everything for him and that charmer more wonderful make almost certainly of that I will by no means, ever fun him once more.”

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Mia Bella – Hosed and Soaked

Hosed and Luscious

Hosed and Soaked

“I remember the 1st time that a ladies man gripped my feet in a carnal way. I was painfully timid when I was younger and that fellow was one of my first boyfriends and an aged fellow. I remember that we were at a fancy restaurant and I was wearing a hot couple of sandals with skimpy, jeweled straps and very pointy heels. That guy just leaned over and told me to put my foot on his rod. This chab told it so frankly and abruptly that I was caught off guard, but I was instantly turned on. I caressed on his jock until this chap came in his trousers. I rubbed my twat at the same time.”

“That 1st experience with shoes and feet and sex would open up a whole new world to me. After that, I couldn’t acquire sufficient leg sex. I’ve converted every smooth operator I’ve slept with into a foot fellow. I can’t prevent giving foot jobs, and masturbating with my pantyhose and nylons is a habitual thing for me. I adore to rub my clit with my used socks. I just love the stink that only smutty socks have. But I’ll admit that screwing myself with stiletto heels is my most-perverted indulgence.”

“Lately, I have been wearing my hose a not many times until they are mellow enough that I can smell my fur pie when I open my legs. Then I call my favourite foot boy over and I wait for him, spreadeagle, right in front of my front door. When this chab arrives, I command him to get on all fours and crawl to me. When he does, I push his face into my smelly gusset and hump it until I soak him throughout the fabric. Then I let him rip my tights off and bonk me hard!”

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Leena Lane – Stockings Stuffed

Nylons Stuffed

Stockings Stuffed

All good cuties get their nylons stuffed with goodies, and no one knows that more valuable than Leena Lane. This babe unveils u her pretty legs and spanks herself for fine measure. This babe prances and preens in her sheer and shiny pantyhose in front of the fireplace, and then unwraps herself, so you can look at her engulf her toes. It is a very perky time with leggy Leena and that babe wants to make sure that when u view her, it is not a lump of coal in your pocket that is causing the bulge in your pants.

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Isabella de la Cruz – High-Rise Heel Show

High-Rise Heel Display

High-Rise Heel Show

Every one time in a during the time that we discover a obscene cutie whose passion for feet astounds even us. Meet Isabella De La Cruz, a spicy Latin babe who not quite makes herself cum from foot rubs. We’re serious. Her employer pays her to pick up and clean his high-rise apartment, but slides her a lil’ somethin’ additional to adult model pantyhose and shoes for him. This babe tanalises him, talks impure and puts on the dirtiest heel unveils we’ve ever viewed. She struts her ram on the sun-drenched balcony, putting her light-caramel skin, toned thighs and pink heels on reveal. Then this babe slips off her shoes, massages baby oil into her peds and uses her lustrous, trickling toes to make a foot pussy–sliding her stilettos unfathomable between her little piggies. Her voice trebles and groans as the bright coral-colored shoes glide in and with out the slippery crevice. This babe likes this just as much as you do.

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