Stacy Adams – Horny Hire

Slutty Hire

Horny Hire

“I don’t hire just any fellow for the job. This chab has to be tough and powerful, but too have the intuition to know when to be suave and gentle. The utmost way to test ‘em is to watch how they engulf my toes and bonk my twat. It also lets me know how well they take direction. That smooth operator was definitely a shoe-in, pun intended. He tongue-bathed my stinky tootsies without hesitation, then gave my wet crack the drilling it was longing.”

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Stacy Adams – Climb That Corporate Ladder

Climb That Corporate Ladder

Climb That Corporate Ladder

There’s nothing adore a lady in a position of power asserting herself and hanging what u urge right in your face. In this case, Stacy Adams is an executive who lets her interviewee know that if that guy wants to climb the corporate ladder that guy needs to commence at the bottom. And by the bottom, Stacy meant that he was gonna must begin with the soles of her feet and work his way up. View as that babe orders this subservient male to suck her toes, play with her legs and then cum on her feet. Stacy even plays with her toes during the time that that babe rides on his overweight knob. Stacy will have u groveling at her feet in no time, and you will adore every pont of time of it!

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Rahyndee – Love-All



Although it wasn’t indeed that tough of a match, Rahyndee worked up a wonderful sweat. That doesn’t bother her like it would almost all cuties. This babe likes that salty feeling on her skin, the way her body is still warm, but the sweat cools in little beads oozing down her legs. It is one of the things this babe can’t live without almost any about tennis, indeed. Her much loved thing is how it makes her feet feel. They’re cooped up in those canvas shoes and cotton socks, trapped and sensuous. When Rahyndee receives home she peels ‘em with out their hiding-place, liberating her sweetly-scented feet, positively running with pheromones.

The finest part of Rahyndee’s day is coming home. “When I walk through the door the 1st thing I do is take off my shoes and socks. That feeling is jaw-dropping. I like fondelling my feet and legs, alleviating that tension that builds up all day. It usually turns me on and I must masturbate.”

Rahyndee’s personal playtime usually involves her complete body. “I have to feel sexy. I cant just jump in and initiate cumming. It is the same way when I make adore. I need a buck to grope my body and make it feel carnal. That’s why I love tickling. Light touches and brushing fingers make me so moist it is nutty.”

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Samantha Steele – Shaves For Your Pleasure

Shaves For Your Enjoyment

Shaves For Your Pleasure

Cum check out Samantha Steele put on a leg reveal that will blow your load! This voluptuous vixen showcases her legs in the intimate setting of her washroom, then she shaves for your joy. If watching her care for her stems isn’t enough, that babe does a lustful, toe-wiggling masturbation show that will have you begging for lenience. Samantha Steele will turn your jock to steel. It’s that facile.

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Rachel – Glass Lass

Glass Lass

Glass Lass

Let us take our hands off our dicks for just a second and give a round of applause to Rachel Rain, our newest Leg Sex model. That babe is a Southern belle from the great state of Texas, but that doesn’t mean she’s riding bucking broncos. “I’m very much a sophisticated lady. Growing up, my allies would acquire down and ribald in the mud with the boyz, and I’d sometimes join them, but I preferred putting on my utmost outfit and pretending to glamour model. I suppose I haven’t changed much. Here I am!”

This attire isn’t strange for Rachel. It is what that babe wears each day. “Nothing is sexier to me than feeling a silky slide around my body, swooshing against my lotioned thighs and the tops of my nylons. I adore feeling my nylon-covered feet slipping into a taut, lustrous pair of heels. When all that’s put jointly I feel so assertive and hawt.”

Do not forget to send some adore to Rachel’s feet. “All I desire after work is a couple of beefy hands to rub-down my heels and arches. Nothing puts me in the mood for sex quite like a foot rubdown.”

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Sarah Michelle – Doll to Life

Doll to Life

Doll to Life

Sarah is a golden-haired, blue-eyed doll cum-to-life in pink, stiletto boots. And this babe craves to be your foot-fuck ally till the end. Look at as that babe disrobes and explores her body, paying specific attention to laving her boot heels and engulfing on her excited shrimps. One time she begins masturbating, your recent toy will not stop until she has had an earth-shattering orgasm. And for that to happen, she will plug her wet crack and then her foot cum-hole repeatedly, spreading her juices betwixt the one and the other places. And not to worry, your doll comes with accessories, adore her own fuckstick, which she’s more than cheerful to lick clean after each use. So what are you envisaging for? Go play…with your unyielding pecker.

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Patty Michova – Dungeon Domme

Dungeon Dominatrix

Dungeon Domme

Just ‘coz this is your first time to Michova’s lair doesn’t mean that babe is intend to take it effortless on u. If u think her severe looks, vinyl outfit and sharp heels are just for play, you’ve got some other think coming. Sit back, enjoy that chair you’re belted to and let Patty tease you, whip u and bring u to larger than run of the mill O…if you’re lucky. This babe uses anything in her sex arsenal to make boys love you jizz in their trousers. Her lengthy, darksome hair will whip your face. Her lean and toned legs will straddle your lap. Her heels will dig into your chest, hips or anywhere else she urges to walk. Just remember, Patty would by no means do everything to hurt u without your consent.

Are u appreciating yourself, admiring the mistress’s astounding body? Her legs go on for miles, sliding into thigh-high stockings that we’re beautiful sure merely stay up ‘coz Patty ordered them to. “Men come into my lair because they desire me to be their boss. I own them for however much time they spend down here. I can tease and deny them the right to climax for hours, until they’re literally turning blue. Then, they’ll cum if I even see them the right way. It’s astounding what a priceless thrashing will do to a charmer. It puts him in his place! When a ladies man is putty in my hands and I have him on all fours, touching with tongue my boots, that is when it is time to bonk.”

Do not think that the Femdom-goddess gives this treatment to everybody, though. “I’ve learned to spot the studs who need the most, how shall I say this, correcting. I likewise receive emails from wives and girlfriends requesting that I educate their men some respect. They’ll bring their men in below the guise that they’ve arranged a three-way. Then the claws come out, and we train him to respect our twats. By the time our lessons are finished, that gent knows exactly how this babe likes her heels licked, legs shaved and love tunnel eaten. It’s a tough job, but I like it.”

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Kelly Divine – Deep Cleaning

Unfathomable Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

If every dental hygienist looked love Kelly Divine, we would never miss a cleaning. An a-hole this fine deserves powerful pearly whites. “So, how lengthy has it been since your final oral-sex examination?” Kelly asks our fellow, Tony DeSergio. We’re gorgeous sure Kelly is looking for the same sort of oral-service examinations Tony is. Though, like us, Tony can’t live with out to give his hotty’s a full physical. Tony starts playing with Kelly’s moist rump before this stud sticks a finger into her cookie. “Oh, do you love large asses?” this babe asks. U don’t even have to ask, Kelly. After going down and giving Tony some sloppy head, she hops on top and works her arse on his penis. Next, Tony lays her down and pounds her taut pussy. “Oh, my god,” Kelly says. “Oh, god, fuck me harder.” Kelly flips over and Tony drills her muff doggy style previous to dropping a heavy load of cum on her booty. “Oh, all over my wazoo,” this babe says. We know Tony will not be missing his next deep cleaning.

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